iT infrastructure management

Nipunar Consultancy Service teams with adaptable practices,
an open platform, and streamlined workflows that bring dev and ops together.

Teams empowered
to deliver value fast

Nipunar Consultancy Services to meet unique needs, while breaking down silos. It’s easy for every team, from IT to HR to legal, to set up projects quickly and in the way they see fit, without losing the agility to work across organizations.

A unified view of work

Track work across the enterprise through an open, collaborative platform. Link issues across Nipunar, ingest data from Atlassian and other tools, and have the context you need to rapidly respond when incidents occur.

Dev and Ops that flow

Deliver more customer impact while managing risk. Accelerate critical development work, eliminate toil, and deploy changes with ease, all backed by a complete audit trail for every change.

the #1 most affordable ITSM Solution